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Cleaning Spark Plug Using Spark Plug Cleaner

The spark plug is found any type of engine whether it would be car, motor cycle or a truck. The spark plug is essential for any kind of engine as it used to pass current all over the engine of the vehicle. The most important factor of the spark plug is that it needs continuous maintenance as it has to be cleaned after some time other wise it gets short and harm your bike engine. There are many types of equipment which are introduced to as the spark plug cleaner. You can also clean your spark plug with the help of different equipments.

Ways for spark plug cleaner

There is kind of carbon which is covered with the spark plug after a regular so you have to remove it with any type of pin or hard wire now most of people do this spark plug cleaning process by their own hands as they do not take their vehicle to any work shop. Few days back I have installed a new spark plug in to my bike as it was so easy you just need to have some tools with you to open the spark plug and a wire to clean it but keep one thing in your mind that do not wash it with water other wise it gets damage.

Process of spark plug cleaner

The complete process with which you can clean up your plug is easy as you need some tools which can helps you to pull out the spark plug and then remove the jammed oil in it with the help of applying heat to it and burn the dirt present in the plug. The spark plug gets damage due the continuous use of air condition in car and in bikes it continuous gets damage after some time. Over all the spark plug cleaner is essential for all those who have their own vehicle.

How do spark plug cleaner works

Now I will figure out some of the ways how do spark plug cleaner works so you need to have a hard wire which should be as harder as it could remove the carbon which was jammed into the spark plug. There are two type of spark plug cleaner which is abrasion spark plug cleaner and vibration spark plug cleaner. These both methods are used all over the world and are much reliable for every kind of spark plug
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Spark Plug Cleaner

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This article was published on 2010/10/27